Creative -first digital.

To change minds and win elections, you can’t just target the right audiences: you have to speak their language. We bring the creative prowess, strategic background, and immersive approach to make content that goes beyond reaching voters, and actually moves them.

We should no longer be talking about one isolated "digital strategy."

Digital should be part of everything you do.

What We Do

The best creative comes from knowing campaigns in and out. We combine two decades of campaign management and digital communications experience to develop integrated messaging strategies, find the voters you need to win, and produce iterative content that persuades them.

  • Creative strategy
    and production
  • Paid media planning and buying
  • Targeting
    & Testing

It's past time for Democratic campaigns and organizations to go beyond digital-first and become digital-everything.

Let's get on a new frequency together.

Our leadership

Dan McNally

Dan has led campaign strategy for candidates and national political organizations for over 12 years, managing winning Senate and House races and serving as the Political Director of the DSCC. He’s also made ads and advised Democratic campaigns and organizations on paid communications strategy at Shorr Johnson Magnus.

Emmy Bengtson

Emmy is a digital and communications strategist with 10 years and seven cycles of experience in Democratic politics and progressive issue advocacy. She has led content and mobilization efforts for campaigns and organizations including Gillibrand 2020, Gavin Newsom for Governor, Hillary for America, Planned Parenthood, and Obama for America.

Work with us
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